About Aero Snow Removal Corp.

Aero Snow Removal Corp., an affiliate of Dejana Industries, Inc.’s “family of companies” was incorporated in 1983 to service the exponential growth in Dejana’s commercial snow removal business and to begin its foray into the unique challenges of airport snow removal. In addition to airports, its customers now include container terminals, sports complexes and commercial sites. Its menu of services has expanded over the years to include: push and pile, snow melting, and material spreading such as salt, sand and de-icing agents.

Aero counts among its fleet equipment specially designed equipment manned by operators who are supervised by personnel who are experienced in all aspects of snow removal operations, supported by a team of mechanics.

Aero is on-call during snow season twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week. This focus translates to fewer delays and minimizes loss of revenue.